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Overview of our services…

“A law firm that delivers the right attorney referral for your VA case.  We know hundreds of attorneys, nationwide, who specialize specifically in VA disability law.  Let our referral network work for your case.”

Veteran Disability Attorneys

We specialize in referring your VA claim to the best veteran disability attorneys in the country.

In detail…

Elmore Law group specializes in connecting your VA claim with the right attorney.  While we do not specifically work on your case, we make sure to refer your case to some of the best Veterans Disability Attorneys, nationwide.

Let our contacts in the legal world help your VA claim or appeal.  By providing the details on your claim we will refer your case details to attorneys who will represent you through the VA disability claims process.

All of the law firms we refer you to will adhere to the 20% rule.  Meaning, you only owe them a payment if they are able to win benefits for you from the VA.  If they win back-dated benefits for you, their payment is 20% of that total, plus associated case expenses (expenses may vary by law firm).

They do not touch, nor do they have rights to, any additional monthly benefit they win for you as part of the VA decision.

Example:  The attorney we refer you to wins you benefits for your sleep apnea condition that the VA now deems as service connected.  The VA determines that you should receive a $10,000 payment for back-dated benefits for the past 24 months.  In addition, they increase your monthly benefit to account for the service connected sleep apnea.  The law firm that represented you would only receive $2,000 (20% of the back dated benefits) plus any associated case expenses they incur (travel, expert fees, etc.).  The remaining $8,000 back-dated benefit and the additional monthly benefits are yours to keep in full.

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